Idaho’s Local Glass Company

A Legacy of Excellence Since 1957

From residential enhancements to commercial innovations, our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Trust us to bring clarity, elegance, and functionality to your space with our expert craftsmanship.

The Nu-Vu Glass Story

A Journey of Mastery and Commitment

From its humble beginnings in 1957, Nu-Vu Glass has been more than just a business. It’s a testament to the power of responding to a community’s needs with dedication and hard work.

Our journey started when our grandfather, a farmer in Montana facing tough times, decided to move his family back to Idaho. Together with his brother, he opened a paint and glass store in Burley, Idaho.

Their goal was simple, to serve the local community with quality and care. It was a labor of love, one that laid the foundation for the Nu-Vu Glass you know today.

But growth was strategic. Each step was a move to better serve you, our valued customer, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and community values.

Our path hasn’t been without its hurdles. The late ’70s economic downturn and the 2008 financial crisis tested our resilience. Yet, these challenges only strengthened our resolve. We streamlined our operations, partnered with leading glass companies, and focused on efficiency.

These strategies weren’t just about survival; they were about setting a standard of excellence and sustainability for the future.

Because Nu-Vu Glass is here for the long haul. We’ve weathered storms and celebrated successes, always with an eye on providing superior service and products. Our story is one of resilience, quality, and a deep-rooted commitment to our community. We’re proud of where we’ve come from and excited about where we’re going.

  • 1957

    Foundation in Burley, Idaho

    Nu-Vu Glass is born from a vision of service and quality, founded by a hardworking farmer from Montana and his brother, a former glass company employee from Utah.

  • 1980

    Diversification and Expansion

    Nu-Vu Glass expands its services to include auto glass and ventures into commercial projects, broadening our offerings to meet more of our community’s needs.

  • 2001

    New Store Opening in Twin Falls

    To meet increasing demand, we open a new store in Twin Falls, marking a key milestone in our growth and service to the Magic Valley.

  • 2017

    Pocatello Store Launch

    Our expansion continues with the opening of a new store in Pocatello, enhancing our capacity to deliver quality glass solutions to more communities.

  • Now

    Continuing the Legacy of Excellence

    Nu-Vu Glass stands as a beacon of quality, resilience, and community dedication. Our journey reflects decades of innovation and service, embodying a legacy that’s built to last for generations.

Our mission is to care for our community through years of honest, talented, and compassionate service – while delivering a cutting edge and radically simple customer experience.

The Nu-Vu Glass Advantage

Why Choose Us

Nu-Vu Glass sets the standard in the glass industry with our commitment to in-house expertise and continuous training. We understand the evolving needs of the Idaho market and respond by elevating our programs to exceed industry standards.

Unlike others, we don’t outsource.

Every project is undertaken by our certified in-house team, ensuring consistency, professionalism, and the high quality Nu-Vu Glass is renowned for.

Each member, from the management team to our expert installers are seasoned in the window and glass trade. Our shared commitment to excellence ensures every interaction and project execution is seamless to exceed your expectations – aiming for the moment you say, “that’s exactly what I was hoping for.”

Choosing Nu-Vu Glass means partnering with a team that’s not just meeting but surpassing the benchmarks of quality and workmanship in every residential and commercial project. It’s choosing a legacy of excellence, where every detail is crafted with precision and care, ensuring outcomes that not only meet but exceed your aspirations.

  • Local Locations

    Rooted locally for personalized, immediate service.

  • Community Focused

    Investing in community well-being and growth.

  • Relationship Driven

    Building trust and lasting connections with every customer.

  • Value Based

    Delivering quality and integrity in every project.

  • Certified Excellence

    Exceeding standards with certified expertise.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Verified Excellence

“Came to my house to replace a small pane and noticed my front door knob was broken and fixed it while a coworker replaced the pane! These young men were gentlemen and went above and beyond the job I requested! They also fixed one of my Andersen windows at no charge. I have used them in the past and will always see them first in the future.”

Bunny Hamilton

“Just had Nu-Vu glass install 12 windows in our home, couldn’t be happier. Old windows came out and new windows went in like clock work. Both techs were completely trustworthy and professional… an eye for detail and workmanship. Hope to have them out to replace the rest of the windows in the near future.”

Jeremy Reeves

“They did a very nice job. A window in my front door shattered and they fixed it good as new.”

Miriam Carey Brown

“Nu-Vu was amazing from start to finish, very professional staff… Fantastic in knowledge and the install engineering for this project. The installers were very professional and clean, we will be working with these professionals again soon. Their pricing was very reasonable.”

Kelly Shutes

“They were fast to respond and measured and installed exactly what we needed!”

Carol Hill

“These guys are great. Got the windows I needed replaced. They had to rebuild one window sill as our home is older and they took the time to make sure everything was done well and it looked like they hadn’t even been there when they left.”

McCaden Hjelm